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Unang Yakap

The World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and World Food Programme (WFP) emphasized the importance of caring for newborns and their mothers through the practice of Essential Intrapartum and Newborn Care (EINC).

In 2009, the Department of Health initiated Unang Yakapwhich served as the local implementation of WHO’s Essential Intrapartum and Newborn Care (EINC). EINC is an evidenced-based program to ensure that mothers and newborns are given safe, adequate, and quality care intrapartum. This program involves four time-bounded interventions that healthcare professionals need to perform immediately after newborn delivery. These interventions are the following: (1) Immediate and thorough drying of the baby. (2) Early skin-to-skin contact between the mother and the newborn. (3) Properly-timed cord clamping. (4) Non-separation of the newborn from the mother for early breastfeeding initiation and rooming in.

Newborn Screening Reference Center

The Newborn Screening Reference Center (NSRC) is an office under the National Institutes of Health (NIH), University of the Philippines Manila created under RA 9288. NSRC provides information and resources in the area of newborn screening to benefit health professionals, the public health community, consumers, and government officials.

Breastfeeding Philippines 

Breastfeeding Philippines is a program of Nurturers of the Earth and managed by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants to promote breastfeeding advocacies and action plans for Health professionals, advocates, policy makers and media professionals.

Likewise it has been promoting the importance of breastfeeding by encouraging malls and facilities to provide breast feeding sites. It also provides lectures on Breastfeeding, Infant and Child Feeding, Milk and Diseases, Family Planning and Plant base Nutrition.

Philippine Pediatric Dental Society 

The Philippine Pediatric Dental Society (PPDSI) was established to symbolize excellence in the practice, education and research of Pediatric Dentistry. The PPDSI also seeks to foster the development and promulgation of sound tenets for pediatric dental procedures through study and research.

This site brings you information about dentistry for children and patients with special needs, helps you look for a dental professional who is affiliated with the society, and keeps you abreast with the various events and activities.

Safe Kids Philippines

Safe Kids Philippines is the first and only non-government organization in the Philippines dedicated to preventing unintentional injuries to children 14 years old and below. SKP is committed to making the road, the home and the school safer for children by building capacity among concerned stakeholders: parents, children, local community members, schools, government, non-government organizations, corporations and institutions.

Philippine Pediatric Society, Inc.

Founded in 1947, the Philippine Pediatric Society is an organization of physicians who care for infants, children, and adolescents. They are a more cohesive Society recognized both nationally and internationally as leaders in Philippine pediatric education and child advocacy.

Philippine Society of Newborn Medicine, Inc.

Established in 1986, PSNMI is a sub-specialty society of the Philippine Pediatric Society and is a globally recognized organization of certified neonatologists with a mission to provide excellent neonatal care in the country.

Philippine National Committee on Human Milk Banking

The human milk bank is established to collect, screen, store and donate human milk to specific newborn needs. The concept of milk bank is especially important in situations when breastfeeding directly from the mother is impossible. There are three pioneers in human milk banking in the Philippines: (1) The Philippine Children’s Medical Center; (2) Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital; and (3) The Philippine General Hospital.

International Resources


Healthy Children is the official parenting web site of the American Academy of Pediatrics. You’ll get great tips for caring for your baby.

Raising Children Network 

The Raising Children website offers up-to-date, research-based material on more than 800 topics relating to raising healthy children, from newborns through to early teens.


Babycenter is an award-winning parenting and pregnancy digital resource that provides moms with trusted advice from experts around the globe, friendship with other moms, and support at every stage of their child’s development.

International Breastfeeding Centre

A website created by Dr. Jack Newman and lactation consultant Edith Kernerman to  empower parents by ensuring they receive the most up-to-date information to assist them with their breastfeeding baby. IBC provides reliable and well-researched information based on 34 years of Dr. Jack Newman’s leadership, experience and evidence-based practice. We strive to provide them this information through breastfeeding resources which include, but are not limited to, free information sheets, video clips, and articles.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Learn the Signs. Act Early

From birth to 5 years, your child should reach milestones in how he plays, learns, speaks, acts and moves. Track your child’s development and act early if you have a concern. CDC’s Learn the Signs. Act Early. program aims to improve early identification of children with autism and other developmental disabilities so children and families can get the services and support they need.

Emergency Numbers 

National Poison Control Center

Philippine General Hospital – College of Medicine, University of the Philippines, Taft

02-85241078 02-85548400 loc 2311 Mobile: 0922-8961541 Fax: 02-5260062 https://www.facebook.com/upnpmcc

A 24-hr hotline for initial management of poison ingestion

Animal Bite Center Hotline


Dept. of Health’s National Center for Disease Prevention and Control (DOH-NCDPC)

02-8751-78-00 or 8651-78-00 local 2352

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